eve massacre @ rote sonne, munich, photo by tobi kuehn (eartrumpet.net)


music: * played in a few bands, riot grrls The Flamingo Massacres et. al
* part of the mash up community GYBO back when they still were cool and called ‘bootleg mixes’
* had several club nights in Nuremberg

writing/radio: * did radio for the independent station Radio Z for years; for several shows (Castrop-Rauxel, Stoffwechsel, Akte XX, Audiopets…) and worked as music editor
* was one of the people behind yotzine
* wrote for testcard, plot and some other publications
* used to blog a lot. really: a lot.
* have so far only once backed down and let myself be censored


music: * dj
* host two club nights at K4 in nuremberg: Orchid and less regularly: Sissy Bass
* make solo music and (re)mixes
* am putting up shows, club nights, readings and more with the non-profit promoter collective ‘musikverein

graphics: * make flyer and poster artworks

* blogging and curating for www.socialmediawatchblog.org
* blogging on evemassacre.org (in english), breakingthewaves.de (in german)
* sometimes doing features/commentaries for Radio Z
* one of the editors of ‘Rebel Girl – Popkultur und Feminismus‘, a reader of texts by my dearly missed friend Tine Plesch (R.I.P.) (Ventil Verlag), published in september 2013.
* write for testcard

etc.: hopeless culture/queer/politics/freedom romantic

am torn between pop culture and politics, between party and criticism, between my love for the net culture and printed books, between non-profit / d.i.y. culture (independence) and having to survive (compromises), between queer-feminist culture and having been indoctrinated to see the world through straight/male eyes, between cultural cynicism and hope, between earl grey and coffee, between english and german, between glitter and minimalism, between beats&bassmusic and punk&hardcore, between cats and dog… – no, strike that: cats rule.

the name ‘eve massacre’:
it is a nod to ‘the flamingo massacres’, my old band’s name. it’s the title of a chapter of irvine welsh’s ‘marabou stork nightmares’. it has been my web and dj name for so long that it feels more like my real name than the one in my passport.


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