“Shoes touching mud” – KTP and WIFS and <3s

“Sometimes I honestly want to join the festival goers in the rain, lose myself in the crowd, the music. Then I think of my shoes touching mud.”
TIGA twittering from some festival

Soooo  – friends! I hope not all of you will be at MELT (or the KV Straßenfest/FREEZE) on Saturday so we can have a fabulous night at the K4 too: WORLD/INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY come and play (ca. 21:30) and KILL THE POOR (Qurin and me) will dj after the show (ca. 23:30).


You better come over and let go and dive into the wonderful world of WORLD/INFERNO, of Vaudeville gangsters, psycho gamblers and firespitters and cuddly cute anarchists where you share your last sip of wine with scabby alley cats and hopeless romantics, and dance against all the sad and stupid things that are going on in our lives and from time to time threaten to drench all the hope out of us. Let’s forget about that for this one night, let’s make this night a spark that we carry with us into the greyer days to come, and let’s dance and dream and chat and kiss and hug and party together, and with ‘together’ I mean together. To quote WORLD/INFERNO – Let’s ‘stay on the charming site of drunk!’
If you come in proper evening attire, suit or gown, we’ll let you in cheaper.


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