“Natural Woman” – Playlist 02.10.08 CASTROP Radio Z

“You make me feel like a natural woman”
Katie Stelmanis
Radio Z Castrop Playlist
Ted Leo & Pharmacists – Me & Mia
Los Campesinos! – Documented Minor Emotional Breakdown Number 1
Frankmusik – When You’re Around
Katie Stelmanis – Natural Woman
Ladyhawke – Professional Suicide
Dolby Anol – Dolby & Gabbana
The Nightmarchers – Panther In Crime
Ted Leo & Pharmacists – I Got Your Number
Orchid– Don’t Rat Out Your Friends
Panthers – Goblin City (Holy Ghost Remix)
Orchid– Anna Karina
Death Of Anna Karina – Simon Le Bon
MGMT vs Soulwax vs Peaches vs Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Fuck The Kids (eve massacre mix)

background music:
City Reverb – City Of Lights (Kaspar Björke’s Blush Mix)


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