“Homosuperior in my interior” – eve massacre track & some mash up links

“Homosuperior in my interior
But from the skin out I’m homosapien too”
Pete Shelley

Here‘s the link to the online version of the article I mentioned in yesterday’s blog. Thanks for calling me “the grand dame of nbg’s night life” though I can’t help but think “the grosse dame of nbg’s night life” might have been more appropriate! ;)

* _ *

I stripped the vocals from “Mon Chi Chi Human” cause I hated them and edited it a bit and uploaded the new version. You can download a shiny 320kbps version from here:

Eve Massacre – Mon Chi Chi Human (dub version) MP3
(I won’t make it downloadable in the mysp player cause the quality sucks.)

* _ *

I’ve made a VIRB profile but that place still seems a bit quiet.

* _ *

I haven’t recommended mash ups in quite a while. Here you go:

Go to Copycat’s blog for a mix of my favourite Pete Shelley (beloved singer of the mighty Buzzcocks) song, “Homosapien” with Abba. And while you’re there also check out how he mixed Hot Chip’s “Ready For The Floor” with “Stand By Me”. If it wasn’t mixed so rough it would already be my favourite mash up of 2008. “Fade to pretty vacant” is nice too.

A nice electrotastique one comes from Paul V., you can get it from his myspace blog: CSS’s “alala” meets Chromeo’s “fancy footwork” over the beats of A Split Second.

And last but not least: Not-I made a political bootleg using Obama’s famous speech, Eminem and more over a D’n’B track by Optical. Get it from his blog.


2 thoughts on ““Homosuperior in my interior” – eve massacre track & some mash up links

  1. MySpace Friend Adder June 21, 2009 / 3:51 am

    I found your blog whlie Googling for ways to promote my own blog with Social Networks. Great work here – hope that I can get mine going soon – any tips or advice for a relative newb?

  2. MySpace Proxy June 24, 2009 / 10:15 am

    I’m gonna pass this one along to my friend – she’s gonna realy like this one – thanks again!

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