X-mess Dancing for the lonely and the broken-hearted…

“Let the rebels begin, let the fire be started
we’re dancing for the restless and the broken-hearted”
Fire Inc.

Tonight, that is. Sorry for being so lame and  blog so little. I’ve been a bit busy.

DJs: Jool + Paluka + Doomy + Eve Massacre.
Don’t feed them after midnight. Leave your Lebkuchen at home. Buy them cigarettes instead.
Oh, and please: No music requests without creative bribery.

Bar: Melinda + Poe + Olga.
Garderobe: Stefan
Treat them extra friendly, they deserve it.

We even have a nu rave lagerfeuer and straight edge deco.

Entry is free cause we kind of like you. All of you. Honestly.
(Except for Jesus Freaks, Nazis and people with those blinking Santa Claus hats. They can please stay at home. Or even better: Please leave the planet.)


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