“Heaven is for the weak at heart” – EM CD Release Party tonight!

“Heaven is for the weak at heart
And those who never are as smart as me
But I would trade all that I believe
And keep no trick card up my sleeve
Just to know the angels hold you in their arms tonight”

A last reminder: Tonight at the K4, starting at midnight, we’ll have a little party to celebrate the release of “Sexualize This!”

I’ll do a couple of songs live and Paluka and Jool of Elektronisch Rocken and Wally and me of Sophisticated Boom Boom will dj.
Like I have mentioned before I finally manage to release another CD. Just like always I couldn’t be bothered to send the material to labels and wait and hope or try and use connexiuns but rather release it diy style on a friend’s little indie label, Black Whole Disks, as a double mini cd in a nice packaging. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t be more than happy if somone knew someone who knows someone who might be interested in releasing it, or parts of it, on vinyl. I love vinyl.

It’s a double cd. One cd has 5 new eve massacre dirty disco violence tracks, I guess you could say it’s music somewhere between indie dance music, punk and grime. The other cd has remixes by:
Sidney Looper
For the splendid artwork I have to thank ilikeyourbadbreathdaddy.

I recommend ordering the double mini cd directly from me: eve@evemassacre.de
It’s cheapish 5 Euro + Postage (Paypal or bank transfer).

I’m always thankful for spreading the word and for proposals for distribution or mailorders or labels etc. Or for flattery or criticism or gifts.


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