"They’re open wide" – Comadre, Graf Orlock, new Ev…

“They’re open wide” – Comadre, Graf Orlock, new Eve Ms dj dates etc.

“Look into my eyes
Can’t you see they’re open wide
Would I lie to you baby??
Would I lie to you??…oh yeah”
Charles & Eddie

Today I woke up and – out of nowhere – had this song playing in my head: CHARLES & EDDIE’s “Would I Lie To You?”. I looked up its youtube link and found it’s a actually is a nice hum-worthy soundtrack to this sunny day.

* _ *

I’m looking for dj or live gigs. Get in touch! I’d really fancy getting on the road more often again but at the moment I don’t have the time to start really getting into booking business and ask around for gigs. It would be great to hear from you though!

* _ *

Tonight we’re putting on a show for COMADRE and GRAF ORLOCK at the K4 which doubtlessly will be great. They were the first hardcore bands in a while that caught my attention and sympathy on first listen, and so far I’ve only heard good things from other shows on their Europe tour. Don’t miss it. Only scare factor could be the flesh tunnels of the Graf Orlock singer:

(picture taken from www.purepainsugar.com)
I will break my accomodation record for this show: 11 people at my house (until now Fugazi have held the record with 9 people), and Comadre will even stay for two nights. A good reason for a long overdue spring clean.

* _ *

Tomorrow evening, from 08:00 PM on, an exhibition of 12″ album cover artwork opens at the glass front part of the K4. It’s title nods a bit too much to football for my taste but I won’t complain, nono. I’ve also been asked to contribute 8 covers. All in all 24 people (from DJs to Nuremberg’s mayor, from jazz musician to film maker – a pretty broad range of people is involved) picked their faves or worst ones and you’ll get a little info why people picked theirs.
You can get more info here.

* _ *

I’ve added new eve massacre dj dates in Nürnberg: I’ll join Tobi L. and Chris Selfintoxicated for another ARTCORE ACOUSTIX night at the Desi on April, 14th. On the 5th of May there’ll be another NUROTIC SOUNDSYSTEM party, right after the TESTCARD reading with MARTIN BÜSSER at the K4. There’s also a record/cd second hand market on that day, in the afternoon, don’t miss it! Sell your old ones, buy or switch with others! I hope there’ll be a wide range of music, from electronica to punk/hardcore stuff. Should be fun.

* _ *

I haven’t really read my way through it so can’t comment on the content but I think this is a pretty good idea: finallyfeminism101.blogspot.com
It’s a FAQ for feminism, that might help you getting rid of having to explain the same tiresome basic and typical questions and criticism over and over again, for example “What is feminism? What do feminists want? Does feminism matter? Can men be feminists? Isn’t feminism just victim’s politics? etc.”.

* _ *

Yesterday was the first day this year on which I left my flat’s windows open wider all day and didn’t freeze. Sometimes it’s the little things that make you feel good. To outbalance that I broke a mirror.

* _ *

My cat is doing better, except for his rasta fur. Problem is: Usually they seem to narcotize cats for clipping but mine is 15 years old and that could do more harm than good. So now I started cutting pieces out of his fur myself. Which he doesn’t like. I guess I’ll be done with it next year. With the clipping and the healing of the scratches on my skin. At least he’s purring and happily roaming the streets again, staying outside for hours.


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