"To play it safe is not to play." R. Altman Do yo…

“To play it safe is not to play.”
R. Altman

Do you know why sometimes I totally enjoy complaining about things like having my xth cold this year? Or like what happened today: Being a total PMS wreck aching for a hot bath as it’s one of the few things that soothes the tension and pain away for a while … to listen to the sound of the water slowly filling the tub … the pleasant anticipation … the smell of the bath scent filling the room … and then to step in and to realise the water is lukewarm at best cause something with the boiler is wrong … and then – not wanting to waste so much water – to still try to stay in there as long as possible … brrrr … soaking up every hint of warmth that’s left in the water… damn.
What was my point?
Oh, yes: I love to complain about such little inconveniences cause the subtext of such is: I’m happy. I have no real worries. Full stop. It is kind of purring between the lines: I’m so fucking glad and lucky to be where and what I am today.

* _ *

If you take pleasure in slightly out of tune mash ups, check out my new one on this page.

* _ *

I’ve taken part in a little project about mash up culture, THE CONFERENCE, hosted by SIMON IDOLL. In it some bootleggers from all over the world share their opinions on a weekly picked subject.
Find it here: mashupconference.blogspot.com

* _ *

SUPERSYSTEM split. Thanks for doing so a week or two before you play here. Damn, you were supposed to console me for the cancelled CHARIOTS and GET HUSTLE tours! You were supposed to be my friend Kerstin’s birthday band!
Well, we’ll have a party called NOT SO SUPER SYSTEM instead and dance on your grave then.

(Soz, I wouldn’t be that angry if it wasn’t at least the sixth show that got cancelled at our venue this autumn.)

* _ *

I recommend reading the JUSTIN PEARSON blog. Or bio.
“You’re Not Dead Yet, Faggot”. Or go to the THREE ONE G site.

It is a good read. No matter if you are or are not a fan of one of his wonderful, intense bands SWING KIDS or THE LOCUST or SOME GIRLS. Actually some parts of it really tightened my throat. They brought back some memories that I had stored away safely.
It’s good if people share such stories. Especially if they have the writing skills to make it more than a soppy diary.

* _ *

I have finally put up a myspace for my old band, the wonderful FLAMINGO MASSACRES. Nostalgia is nice, be our friend. Add us before I add you!

*cough cough*
I still have some FLAMINGO MASSACRES albums to sell that would make your record collection look mighty cool! Ca. 40 or 50 vinyls. Really, you miss out if you don’t have one! Drop me a line if you’d like to be the proud owner of one of those last available copies.

* _ *

Rest In Peace, Mr. ROBERT ALTMAN and thanks for making such great movies as ‘Short Cuts’.

* _ *

Tomorrow THE WORLD/INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY and USA IS A MONSTER will play in Munich at Kafe Kult and we will be there. We have some space left, so drop me a line if you want to drive with us from Nuremberg. I wouldn’t complain as gas is damn expensive.


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