If I tell you that Xiu Xiu’s ‘La forêt’ and Antony…

If I tell you that Xiu Xiu’s ‘La forêt’ and Antony & the Johnson’s ‘I Am A Bird Now’ are my fave soundtrack to the last couple of days you can imagine my mood. Like the weather it slightly cleared up on a really wonderful post-wedding party of Wally & Klausi last Saturday (and I thought I’d never say that about any wedding ever!) but all in all I feel to fragile to meet people. Fear of people getting too close. Fear of old memories coming back haunting me. Fear of anything. Feels like if I don’t act really careful I might slip in an even worse condition. Stupid, innit? It feels being a character in one of those old arcade games – one wrong step and you will burn in some hellfire, all accompanied by funny bleepy little tunes.
Even more stupid: There’s a website called “Stuff On My Cat” that made me try if it works out with my Tiga too and to my surprise he didn’t kill me when I did that to him:

More reasonable news later.

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